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What to Expect During Your Tria Health Phone Consultation:

Your designated Tria Health pharmacist will be calling you from 913.322.8456

Complete Medication Review

Your Tria Health pharmacist will review all your current prescriptions, over the counters and any vitamins or supplements you may be taking. Your pharmacist, who is a medication expert, will ensure all your medications are necessary; discuss any possible issues like side-effects or drug interactions; and find potential cost savings opportunities for you.

Lifestyle and Preventative Services Overview

Don't worry, we're not here to judge. During your consultation your pharmacist will review any of your current habits, diet and exercise and identify opportunities to better your overall health. Your pharmacist will also make sure you're aware of any age related vaccinations or testing that might be due.

Care Plan Development and Coordination

At the end of your consultation, your pharmacist will assemble a comprehensive care plan, including: a complete medication list, recommendations, additional educational materials with a follow up schedule. Your pharmacist can also communicate any change(s) with your doctor(s). Please note: Tria Health only provides recommendations, any final changes are always up to you and your doctor.

Initial consultations typically last between 20-50 minutes.
Follow-up consultations are usually shorter and are conducted at a time that is convenient for you!